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  • W/↑ or A+D/←+→: Throttle forward
  • A/←: Throttle left
  • D/→: Throttle right


The year is 2119 A.D. and the Earth’s economy is completely reliant on asteroid mining harvester ships. You are a harvester pilot. Your life is currency: the Earth depends on you.


Extract and collect all resources in the zone. The white arrows point in the direction of asteriods. In order to begin extracting resources from an asteroid, dock your harvester ship next to the asteroid.


This game was entirely made in the last 24 hours of Ludum Dare using first-party assets after the failure of two other game prototypes.

  • Engine: Unity 2018.3.14f1
  • Source-code editor: Geany
  • Graphics editor: Aseprite/GIMP
  • SFX editor: Bfxr
  • Music editor: Musescore/Bosca Ceoil

Thanks for playing!

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